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4 Lessons to Becoming a Real Life Superhero!

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Many of us have hollywood superheroes that we grew up to love and admire. We adore their bravery and ability to overcome challenges because they lead to the betterment of society at large. These qualities and characteristics are much the same as real life heroes.

Want to become a superhero? Then you must read these four lessons! Just remember, there are no superheroes who save the world by sitting on the couch. So after reading this article, get up off the couch and ACT.

Lesson # 1: Superheroes have a cause in their lives that they are fighting for. They all have a reason for what it is they are doing to better mankind. Look at Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Einstein, Edison, Ford and the list goes on and on. They had a very clear reason as to their purpose in life. Just like the superheroes in the movies, they had a cause they were fighting for. What is your cause? This cause doesn’t need to be as world altering as the aforementioned people, but it needs to be something that is true to you AND that will provide service to others.

Lesson #2: Each superhero has an enemy. In the movies these enemies are the anti-hero. Often an evil character that wants to destroy the superheroes powers, and to destroy the city that they live in. That anti-hero is ourselves. We are the ones that are stopping ourselves from being the superhero. We are the reason why we aren’t fighting for a cause that is greater then ourselves. Our own doubt and uncertainties are breeding grounds for FEAR. And there is no greater and challenging anti-hero to overcome than that of fear. Superheroes are also faced with fear, but they know the only ingredient to overcome this fear. And that ingredient is ACTION.

Lesson #3: Each superhero faces a challenge, but battles through to the very end to overcome that challenge. The reason they are able to overcome that challenge is because they have a clear purpose and cause they are fighting for. With this very clear cause, they are keenly aware of the actions necessary to carry out their cause, no matter which forces and challenges that confront them. The only thing that separates a successful superhero from an unsuccessful one is that the successful superhero never gives up.

Lesson #4: Each superhero acts! Think of the real movers and shakers in the world today. Both past and present. Did Steve Jobs give up on his dream of Apple even though he was faced with extreme challenges? Even when he was kicked out of Apple, he went on to create other companies that changed lives and became worth millions. He knew his cause and he followed his passion regardless of the challenges. He did not accept defeat. Superheroes do not accept defeat either. They may be pushed to near death, but they have a life inside of them that is the driving force for their actions. This life allows them to push on in the greatest challenges and in the darkest times. Find your reason, release the enemy from within, and you will overcome your challenge!


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