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6 AMAZING TEDx Speakers you MUST pay attention to!

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Over the last several months I have had the honour and privilege of interviewing 6 TEDx speakers on my podcast, who will be speaking here in Vancouver at the legendary TEDx Stanley Park. These speakers will shine a light on one of humanity’s tough challenges and offer you innovative and optimistic solutions. Their goal is to inspire, stimulate and energize you to take action that will move the needle toward a better world.

The fabulous 6 with their interview links:

Dan Lok: http://bit.ly/1RNHum2

Iman Aghay: http://bit.ly/1RLlT05

Galya Westler: http://bit.ly/1MPFk9K

Connor Beaton: http://bit.ly/1SSmAT3

Bosco Anthony: http://bit.ly/1rRnppr

Isabelle Mercier: http://bit.ly/23Frqcw

To get tickets to the event that will be on May 28, 2016 go here: http://www.tedxstanleypark.com/


I hope you enjoy my interviews with them and that you have an opportunity to attend their talks!

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