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6 AMAZING TEDx Speakers you MUST pay attention to!

  Over the last several months I have had the honour and privilege of interviewing 6 TEDx speakers on my podcast, who will be speaking here in Vancouver at the legendary TEDx Stanley Park. These speakers will shine a light on one of humanity’s tough challenges and offer you innovative and optimistic solutions. Their goal… Read more »

Who is holding you back from your dreams?

  My purpose is to help others realize and live their purpose so they can live fully and healthfully while inspiring others to do the same. Wow you say, what a well-articulated purpose! The reason? It all relates back to my personal story… Have you ever had that one person that stole your dreams? That… Read more »

Take ACTION on your purpose now!

  Taking action on our dreams and aspirations is often the biggest challenge we face in our personal and professional lives. Thankfully however, we can begin to program our brains to develop the skill of consistently taking action. I like to describe the brain—in regard to setting down new neural pathways that allow us to… Read more »

Top 5 listened to podcast episodes!

  Often I get the question from people: which of your episodes should I listen to? My typical answer is ALL of them, however I have decided to compile the list of the top 5 most listened to episodes and you can make your choice from there. Dr. Ellen Langer Listen here: http://bit.ly/1nswpi8 We discuss mindfulness… Read more »

4 Lessons to Becoming a Real Life Superhero!

  Many of us have hollywood superheroes that we grew up to love and admire. We adore their bravery and ability to overcome challenges because they lead to the betterment of society at large. These qualities and characteristics are much the same as real life heroes. Want to become a superhero? Then you must read… Read more »

Having a purpose in life will ensure you live longer!!

What I have come to realize as a Naturopathic Doctor is that unless my patients had a sense of purpose in their lives they would get or stay sick. Confronted with this realization I decided I would take a look at the scientific literature to see if this claim could be backed up. Well low… Read more »

A poem by Walter D. Wintle

I came across the following poem by Walter D. Wintle several months ago and since then it has given me courage, motivation and inspiration to persist on. I have read it over so many times that I can pretty much say it off by heart now. Take a read over this poem and identify the… Read more »

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