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093: I Have A Dream – Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr’s speech ‘I have a dream’ is probably one of the most powerful and influential speeches ever given. It is a speech I read myself time to time because I find it gives me greater depth in understanding my motivation and propels me to continually move forward with my dream. Some things… Read more »

092: Learn to Earn

  Many people have been programmed to dislike learning and education because their experience in school was not a positive one. Although I understand this perspective, it is just not conducive to actually experiencing a life of happiness, success and influence. Some things you will learn: Why the greats read much and often My thoughts… Read more »

091: Why You Should NOT Follow Your Passion

  Lots of people tell you to go out and follow your passion and everything and anything you want in your life will come to pass. I have even said things along those lines, but I was recently convinced otherwise. Tune into this episode if you are feeling stuck about the current path you are… Read more »

090: John Lee Dumas With Amazing Entrepreneurial Insights

  John Lee Dumas was the inspiration for my podcast and I highly suggest you listen to this episode of me interviewing him. When I graduated from medical school I was in a tough place and didn’t really know where I wanted to take my life and career next. By listening to JLD’s show it… Read more »

089: Lonely In Your Business? Ask For Help NOW!

  Are you a work from home or solo-entrepreneur? If you are, you know that it can get really lonely working in that capacity. I can totally identify and in this episode I share what has worked well for me. Some things you will learn: The amazing support you can drum up if you only… Read more »

088: Stop Demonizing Food!

  Stop eating butter! These were the headlines in the 1970’s because there was a rise in heart disease. Did it really make a positive impact to create a demonization of this food? Short answer: No. This episode is a short rant on the topic of food and I am sure you will enjoy it.… Read more »

087: How to Say NO and Win!

  The art of saying NO is something that can be mastered. In this episode, I share a simple 3-step process from Dr. Ury on how to say a POSITIVE no. By integrating this into your life, you will save yourself from many headaches and gain back a tone of time. Meanwhile, you will get… Read more »

086: How To Give You Way To Influence

  During this Friday Short episode, Dr. Jason Klop talks about the importance of wholehearted giving. If you give more of what you want, than you WILL receive more of what you heart desires. Keep your eyes constantly peeled on how you can serve people in both your professional and personal life and notice how… Read more »

085: One Night Stand Or Long Term Business Relationships?

  During this Friday Short episode, Dr. Jason Klop talks about the importance of keeping the long view in mind when forming business relationships. A lot of interactions I get into, people are looking to get immediate rewards. This however is never conducive to a long-term fruitful business relationship. Some things you will learn: Important… Read more »

084: Overcoming Fear: Lesson from Roulette

  During this Friday Short episode, Dr. Jason Klop talks about the lesson you can learn from Russian Roulette. Much nervousness and anxiety is caused by mentally trying to avoid something that we have already committed to doing. How can we get past that..? Some things you will learn: Strategy for overcoming your fear Why… Read more »

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