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007: Harvard professor Dr. Ellen Langer on Mindfulness

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Mindfulness is often confused with meditation and made out to be much more difficult then it really is. Simply put, mindfulness is the simple process of actively noticing new things. The benefits of mindfulness are innumerable including: health, memory, relationships, productivity etc. This is an amazing and stimulating conversation.

Some things you will learn:

  • What mindfulness really is and the benefits you can get from being mindful
  • How to make the most out of change in your life
  • Studies on connecting the mind and body to explain aging, spontaneous remissions and the placebo effect
  • Humor is an example of mindfulness so we can all practice more mindfulness

Book suggestion: Mindfulness and On becoming an Artist by Ellen Langer

Dr. Ellen’s favorite quote: Life consists only of moments it’s easy to make the moment matter.

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