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008: Hussein Hallak and why you should never be comfortable

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Hussein Hallak lives to inspire possibility, to enable people, to achieve the remarkable. He believes that the worst enemy of people is being ‘comfortable’. Life is not meant to be comfortable. If you have achieved comfort in life, then you have tricked yourself because life is not comfortable. You must push yourself beyond your deceptive mind.

Some things you will learn:

  • You have a purpose even if you are not aware of it now
  • How to create demand for yourself by continually learning and pushing yourself
  • Starting a business is a scientific process that is all about experimenting
  • Big take a ways: just START, find the right partners, build companies with friends and family

Book suggestion: Great by Choice by Jim Collins

Hussein’s favorite quote: “In any given moment, there is somebody looking up to you, and they are inspired by your thoughts, words, ideas and actions” – Unknown

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