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032: Dr. Jason Klop’s clear tips on how to implement diet and exercise into your life to improve your physical and mental wellbeing!

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For today’s episode from Dr. Jason Klop, we hear about his third step of Stepping into the Jungle: Exercise Daily.  Exercising regularly and having a nourishing diet are very important for not only your physical wellbeing, but also your mental wellbeing.  This episode cuts straight to the point with easy information to implement in your life!  More details on this step can be found in his free ebook: 8 Steps to Personal Transformation.

Some things you will learn:

  • “Don’t eat anything your great grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.”-Michael Pollan
  • Don’t eat anything with more than 5 ingredients or ingredients you can’t pronounce
  • Stay out of the middle of the supermarket; shop on the perimeter of the store. Real food tends to be on the outer edge of the store near the loading docks, where it can be replaced with fresh foods when it goes bad.
  • Don’t eat anything that won’t eventually rot.
  • It is not just what you eat but how you eat. “Always leave the table a little hungry,” Pollan says. “Many cultures have rules that you stop eating before you are full. In Japan,they say eat until you are four-fifths full. Islamic culture has a similar rule, and in German culture they say, ‘Tie off the sack before it’s full.'”
  • Families traditionally ate together, around a table and not a TV, at regular meal times. It’s a good tradition. Enjoy meals with the people you love.
  • Don’t buy food where you buy your gasoline.

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