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034: Which money archetype are you? Brenda St. Louis, certified money coach, and her desire to create more buoyant conversations about money!

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Over the past 5 years Brenda St. Louis, a certified money coach and financial intuitive, has both developed and studied platforms to expand our relationship with money.  She wants to bring money out into the open and use it as a tool to help each of us step more fully into our own unique selves: empowered, confident and happy.  Her desire is to unravel the emotional inheritances that limit us by infusing those limitations with awareness, insight and strategies for change!

Some things you will learn:

  • Get out of judgement with yourself!
  • Shine a light on your old financial patterns to become aware of any patterns that need to change
  • Befriend your money!  Interact with your money with joy, peace and confidence
  • Be a part of the money conversation!

Brenda’s book suggestion: Money Magic -Debra Price

Brenda’s favorite quote: “Say YES to today!”

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