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079: Show up authentically in your business and life and amazing things will happen! Dr. Jason Klop discusses this and more principles from Bob Burg.

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During this Friday Short episode, Dr. Jason Klop discusses what has been happening lately in his life- first and foremost: his Dynamic Success Summit, which revolves around turning passion into profit that is happening right now!  Also some changes that are coming to his Step into the Jungle podcast!

Some things you will learn:

  • Why asking if something will make you money is not a bad question, but a bad first question
  • Five principles from Bob Burg:
    • Value: give more in value, than you take in money
    • Compensation: income=how many people you serve
    • Influence: how abundantly you place others in trust first
    • Authenticity: most valuable gift is yourself
    • Reciprocity: the key to giving is to stay open to receiving

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