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Take ACTION on your purpose now!

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Taking action on our dreams and aspirations is often the biggest challenge we face in our personal and professional lives. Thankfully however, we can begin to program our brains to develop the skill of consistently taking action.

I like to describe the brain—in regard to setting down new neural pathways that allow us to take the same successful actions over and over—with the following analogy: Imagine a sled going down a hill of snow. At first it needs to blaze a new path, and then each time it goes down that hill, the path gets deeper and deeper until it is almost impossible for the sled to get out of this rut. It is the same with our thoughts and actions. The more negative or positive thoughts and actions we entertain and take, the deeper the rut we create, and the harder it is to get out of this rut. This leads to personal flow and rhythm, of either negativity or positivity that is familiar and nearly unbreakable.

Taking action might at first feel like you are starting a new path down a snow-covered hill, but the more action we take, the more comfortable and smoother that path will become, allowing us to take action over and over again.

An old saying goes, “Success is never owned, and rent is due every day.” This is such a fundamental truth. We cannot think that we should work hard only for some time and then we can let up. No, that is entitlement. When choosing a life of transformation where you can live your dreams, you cannot take your foot off the pedal. And quite honestly, you won’t want to. You will be so passionate about what you are doing that you no longer call it “work.”

Once you have a clearly defined reason for success, you will have an excitement to follow through on it. Once the connection between what you want and what you need to DO is strong, then it will not be very difficult to take action. On the contrary, if this connection is weak, you will have difficulty taking action and stumble or give up after the first couple of obstacles. With a clearly defined purpose and vision, you will be waking up in the morning filled with passion to tackle the challenges that will undoubtedly come along with the successes.

We are defined by our habits and actions, so create habits that you want to be defined by. If you make a habit out of anything, it will become second nature to you.

They will become so ingrained in your psyche and daily routine that they will become who you are. Your friends, family, and coworkers will notice a subtle shift in your outlook that will either attract or repel them. You will draw into your life friends and acquaintances who are there to assist you in your vision and positively influence your life. You will have the fortitude to carry on through all struggles and challenges.

Two of the ways I push myself to take action are as follows:

  • I tell people exactly what I am working on creating, so that I am held accountable for what I said I would do. I can’t bear not doing what I said I would, so I go out and do it.
  • Another is having a regimented schedule and routine. I have a lot of stuff going on in my life, but I create a daily schedule that forces me to complete the tasks I have set forth to complete. Each night I write down the five things I must get done the following day to get me closer to my goal. I then check them off as I complete them.

Don’t think you are experienced enough to achieve your dream? Here is a great quote from Stephen Covey, author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: “Experience is overrated. Some people say they have twenty years’ experience, when, in reality, they only have one year’s experience, repeated twenty times.”

Your life, your story, and your vision matter. Take action today so that you don’t have 20 years of the same experience. You owe it to yourself and the world to create a change in your life. Such change will add a blessing, in some form or other, to the world we live in.

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