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Who is holding you back from your dreams?

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My purpose is to help others realize and live their purpose so they can live fully and healthfully while inspiring others to do the same. Wow you say, what a well-articulated purpose! The reason? It all relates back to my personal story…

Have you ever had that one person that stole your dreams? That one person who stood between you and your dreams? Who never believed in you? Many of us have been robbed of our personal power by someone who either didn’t know anything about us, or a person who wanted good things for us but didn’t have the self-esteem and personal power to achieve what we can achieve in their lives.

When I was growing up I was an average student (and at many points sub-average). My grades were a direct reflection of the amount of time and effort I would put into my classes. One exception however, was Science class; I absolutely loved biology and the study of animal and human anatomy and physiology. My grade 10 Science teacher was in many respects my hero at the time. Each class he would share a new topic that would leave me so intrigued and propel my desire to learn and explore. This interest naturally morphed into a desire to go to University and study Biology, but when my mom told him at a parent teacher conference that I wanted to study Biology, he bluntly told her that I wouldn’t make it in University. I was devastated when I heard the news….!! Somebody who I looked up to and admired didn’t believe I had what it took to make it in University??

I was 15 years old at that time and I had the choice to let him steal my power and believe in his minimalistic beliefs in me OR summon up my own strength and courage to persist despite his limiting beliefs. Thanks to this limiting belief he had in me, it pushed me to study harder and led me to being an above average student. I got A’s and B’s for the first time in my life! I finished up high school and went on to get a University degree in the subject he believed I couldn’t make it in – biology. On top of that I went on to become a doctor. Take that Mr. Science teacher 🙂

What’s crucial for you to understand here is that I had a choice to make at this pivotal moment in my life. Much the same choice that you are given each day you let someone else’s limiting beliefs in you hold you back from attaining your dreams. Most importantly, what I gained from this experience is extreme gratitude for his limiting beliefs in me. Without this challenge I may not have summoned up the personal power to persist through challenge, which ultimately propelled me through my education and beyond.

My two take a ways from this experience:

1) Have a dream and never settle for less

2) Always be grateful for the hardships and use them as learning and growing opportunities

So you can let people steal your power or by fueled by their negativity. Which one do you want it to be?

Feel like you need some help in moving your dream into a reality? Lets connect and see if there is a way for me to assist you in this transition. Click HERE to fill out the application, which will alert me to the fact that you want to get on a call (Note: I am giving these calls away for FREE – but you have to act quickly before I discontinue this opportunity).

The time to take action is now. Every day you hold yourself back from acting on your dream you are depriving yourself and the world of your talents!




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