Given Dr. Klop's years of experience in treating digestive health conditions, it came naturally to begin working with children with autism as 90% or more of children diagnosed with autism have digestive symptoms. The main modality Dr. Klop utilizes for the treatment of autism and its related symptoms is Fecal Microbiota Transplants (FMT). To offer this progressive therapy, Dr. Klop founded FMT Solution to provide high-quality medically supervised FMT.

FMT Solution is the first and only clinic in the world to duplicate the treatment protocol developed by Dr. James Adam and his team at Arizona State University. At 18 weeks, they observed an 80% improvement from baseline in digestive related symptoms as well as a 25% improvement in autism-related symptoms after only 8 weeks of daily FMT treatment. At a two year follow up, they observed the 80% improvement in digestive symptoms maintained and a further 20% improvement in autism-related symptoms was reported, for a total of nearly 50% improvement from the baseline of the study. See the initial study here along with the two year follow up study here.